TaskSpace 0.4

Groups applications into a single window for an easy access (See all)

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Adds a tray icon for quick access, removing the TaskSpace from taskbar, and it can be visually personalized changing skins. The applications can be grouped differently in a single TaskSpace, and all the configurations from Taskspace can be saved or loaded. From the system tray a new TaskSpace can also be created.

TaskSpace is a simple Windows application intended to group ANY applications in a single window(task space) to provide fast and easy access to multiple applications simultaneously(no Alt+Tab switching and/or searching for a program in the taskbar is required).
- attach ANY window to the TaskSpace window(drag & drop)
- unite TaskSpace as tabs(drag & drop)
- group different applications in a single TaskSpace(see screenshots)
- save/load TaskSpace configurations
- automatic alignment/adjustment of the windows when TaskSpace size changed
- application control from the system tray(create new TaskSpace, switching)
- remove the TaskSpace from the taskbar, add tray icon for quick access
- detach no longer required windows from the TaskSpace(via the system menu )
- windows automatically returns to desktop when TaskSpace closed
- skins support
- installation is not required

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